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Dr. Thomas Wunder is full professor of Strategic Management and a thought leader on linking strategy and sustainability. He is convinced that the effective integration of economic, ecological, and social value creation is key to a thriving future for both business and society. As lecturer at various globally recognized universities, author, consultant, speaker, and moderator he seeks to provide current and future business leaders with actionable and impactful science-based knowledge for sustainable strategizing.

Thomas draws from a long history in management consulting and business leadership prior to academia with proven track record in working with c-suite executives and management leadership teams globally. His special emphasis is on making strategy happen.


...on the integration of organizational strategy with sustainability to prepare businesses and ecosystems for a successful future in a truly sustainable economy.


...of strategic management, corporate sustainability, and strategy execution at postgraduate (MBA), graduate (Master of Science, MAS) and undergraduate (Bachelor) levels.


...of books and articles in journals such as BI Magazine, Controlling & Management Review, Oekologisches Wirtschaften, Harvard Business Manager, and Strategic Finance.


...for sustainable strategizing and strategic transformation journeys at large corporations, medium-sized companies, and non-profit organizations.


…at corporate in-house events, practitioner-oriented symposia, and international academic conferences about topics related to strategy and sustainability.


...of showcase panel discussions with experts from academia, business, and consulting at scientific and practice-oriented events.