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For more than twenty years I have managed consulting projects in the areas of Business Performance Management and Measurement, Cost Management and Target Costing, and, most comprehensively, in the field of Strategic Management including:


  • strategy reviews and baseline assessments (incl. strategic foresight & sensemaking, strategy refinement, and visioning)
  • sustainable and contemporary business modeling
  • transnational and cross-organizational strategy alignment
  • operationalization of strategy & strategic performance measurement
  • strategic transformation journeys with globally synchronized strategic action programs
  • organizational alignment: resources (budgeting), information (management reporting). and people (skills, target agreements and personal/leadership development)
  • continuous strategic performance reviews and strategy adaption processes
  • establishing Offices of Strategic (& Operational Performance) Management

Multinational corporations facing the challenge of executing corporate strategy and aligning their international subsidiaries, strategic business units and functional areas around common strategic themes gave me the opportunity to conduct strategy sessions in more than 15 countries and learn from strategy discussions in highly inter-cultural management teams.


I managed consulting projects for large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises both publicly listed and family owned, as well as non-profit organizations covering the following industries: Automotive (OEM and Suppliers), Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Machinery and Plant Engineering, Oil and Petroleum, Aerospace, Industrial Goods, Consumer Goods, Media, Banking, Utilities, IT-Services, and Non-Profit (Universities, Humanitarian Organizations).


I have spent a great portion of my professional career in the United States of America. As President and CEO of a small U.S. subsidiary of Horváth & Partners, I had the chance to not only consult on the strategy topic but to be a strategy practitioner myself by developing and executing my own business strategy.

Because the strategic choices we make today determine which future we will get.